This is a website for the Putnam Ranch. What does the Ranch need a website for? Well, we’re still figuring that out to be honest.

We’re open to ideas. If you’ve found this page, you probably already know how to get in contact with us about it, so feel free.

Things to Share

If there’re two things thing we can share about the Ranch it’s stories and photos. You can see photos and even upload favorites of your own on our shared Google Photos album.

The Roundup

The second weekend of every August is an event we call the Roundup. Family and friends are invited to come and visit from all over. It’s not a luxurious place, and you’ll be expected to be a little self-sufficient, but we have a great place to swim in the Columbia River/ Lake Roosevelt while it’s hot out, a potluck dinner, and an evening of music after the dinner. Then if you’re not somewhere you can normally get to see them, the shooting stars are usually pretty spectacular that time of year.



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